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Books to make the Heart Sing

Beauty, Grace and Clarity distilled to the finest wine with which we may fill the Cup of Soul to its brim. Ladder to the Moon takes you on a journey to joy, as you travel on the roads of ancient wisdom and modern myth.

Books in our Portfolio

Hello Planet Earth
A wonderful modern myth of an ordinary worker finding his purpose in this world.

Divinity Dice (study)
An extraordinary study in the art of divination using polyhedral Dice.

Fragments of the Mirror
A simply exquisite collection of short stories that warm the heart and soul.

Ratology: Books I and II
An incredible insight into the structure of Human Nature. A Must Read series.

The Book of Number Trilogy The only complete system of Pythagorean Numerology in print today

In a world of complication and deception, the simplicity of the child-like beauty found in Ladder to the Moon publications is like an oasis in the desert. Come on the journey, and re-discover a little of that wonder and happiness you felt in your youth.

Ladder to the Moon was established by Michael Wallace in 1991 as a publications house that would offer uplifting and enlightening subjects that both entertained and educated.

All titles have the criteria of either Ancient Wisdom revealed in an easy to read formats (Divinity Dice series, Book of Number series, Ratology series) or stories that make the heart warm and light (Hello Planet Earth, Fragments of the Heart, Jeremiah Versus the Grabblesnatch)

All books are now in a Print on Demand format. We print the books as and when they are ordered. The publisher holds a small supply of each title for individual purchases, but otherwise books are printed and shipped per order.

All titles (bar Jerimiah) are available on Amazon or through Ingram Direct. We believe this is the new and most sustainable printing practice, and while we appreciate the history and joy in a good bookshop, the modern world is moving to online supply of goods, by way of Amazon, etc.

This model also means no remaindered books, which are an ongoing and excessive waste of resource.



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