Ladder  to the Moon
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A Post-Apocalyptic Tale

Rise up Young Cannibal, and Conquer the World!

NEW BOOK and printed in COLOUR!

This is an extraordinary book that has everything. Cannibals, Witches, Psychics, Aliens, Mutants, Zombies, and a Post-Apocalypse to die for!

The hero is a former Assassin who liked to eat his victims, but who was broken by the financial crisis. He hates society, yet to survive, and eat, he has to save it.

In a remarkable twist of fate, the hero, Donaldson, comes down from Pikes Peak to discover that Nuclear War has happened, and he didn’t even realise it. His isolation has spared him, but now he must find ways to survive in this brutal new world.

But because of the new POD service through the printer, we are now doing these books in COLOUR. It really makes it a special gift for Christmas to yourself or to loved ones.

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“This story is just crazy, yet while it is ridiculous fun the question hangs, ‘Is this really possible?’ After Trump, who knows. It may be prophecy!”


The World has Gone Crazy!

In the new world, the old rules no longer apply. Everything is open for business, and the best fed win the prize.