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Ladder  to the Moon
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Eat Your God

Final Book in the End of Times Trilogy

This is possibly one of the oddest, funniest, yet verging on profound books of Science Fiction you are likely to read. From the perspective of a clown, and a reject from society, new visions come that propel man towards the stars. But this new vision requires the human race learns to ‘cannibalise’ the ‘God Stuff’ - the energetic particle known as the Tachyon.

     This book closes the trilogy that started with man’s recovery from the Apocalypse, and ends with man’s discover of Interstellar, the ability to traverse space in light year jumps, and meet the Federation of sentient beings that have existed since before out recorded history.

     Obviously, it is no easy walk, and tremendous obstacles must be surpassed, mostly wrapped around the petty and conventional thinking that drives our political process, and the mean spirited commercial reality that drives the economy. But there is more, in the hidden folds of sub-space a creature lurks, one that has been waiting for millions of years for man to uncover a secret left on this planet. It is only when man ventures past the boundaries of conventional space does it reveal itself.


     This is a brilliant read on several layers. One, the purely scientific based concept by which faster than light travel might be possible, and second, the fact it is just a great ripping yarn that will make you laugh as well as dream of better things to come.

Eat Your God

This is a gripping, fast moving tale of how the universe was challenged by the Human race.

     Based on actual science, the book is a form of “Science Fact-tion” rather than pure Science Fiction.