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Michael Wallace is the driving force behind Ladder to the Moon. As a commercial writer in Sydney he realised that the end purpose of journalism and magazine writing was essentially to make something interesting enough so that you could sell advertising. It certainly had no focus or intent uplift or educate the individual.

With every Ladder to the Moon title, it is our intention that you will will finish your book with a smile in your heart, and perhaps a deeper thought in your mind.

The principle direction for Ladder to the Moon is to publish books that uplift, and point a person inwardly to a higher place. Everything you read will ideally awaken your heart and help clear the mind.

Publishing for the Heart

WELCOME to LADDER to the MOON Publishing

Ladder to the Moon Published was established by Michael Wallace in 1991 with the view to publishing uplifting works that both educated and entertained.

Since that time, publishing has changed dramatically, and now almost all our books are Print on Demand through Lightning Source. (An Ingram Company)

We are adding new titles constantly and your enquiry for either supply as trade, or to purchase single copies is always welcome.

“Every Big Thing is made from lots of Small Things

This is what every Big Thing should always remember

And what every Small Thing must never forget”


 NEW BOOK: A remarkable TRUE TALE of a renown artist, a celebrated war hero, and loving family man, who became a lethal Psychic Nazi Hunter.

 Meet Alan Wood-Thomas, American-born Frenchman who served in the Spanish Civil War, the French Resistance and the US Army. He was taught by Sartre, knew Picasso, the Attorney General of the US would drop in for coffee, and he was personal friends with Kerouac, Ginsberg and Harrison, yet in the shadows his secret life was a man who hunted down Nazis in hiding. Just an extraordinary book. (Available on Amazon)