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Psychic Nazi Hunter

Once in a while a truly remarkable story emerges from the dust of history. This is one of those… A family man, an acknowledged artist, known the Kerouac, Ginsberg, Harrison and accepted in the New York art scene, exhibited at Carlebach Gallery. A fascinating individual by day, yet a Psychic Nazi Hunter by night! Responsible to the secret assassination of over 300 Nazis.

A True Tale of an Incredible Life

The Story of Alan Wood-Thomas: Decorated War Hero, Acclaimed and Respected Artist, Loving Family Man, but a man who had a secret second life, one where he psychically tracked down Nazis and their collaborators, and arranged for their execution!

     A more unlikely candidate you would never find. Taught as a youth by Jean Paul Sartre, recognised by Picasso, and yet embroiled in a world-wide hunt for the Nazis for twenty-five years: and no-one ever suspected!

     Through the years many prominent people have purchased Alan Wood-Thomas works, including: Gregor Piatagorsky, famed cellist: Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, former Under Secretary of State and Attorney General of the US: Nelson Rockefeller: Ethel Kennedy, wife of Sen. Robert Kennedy: Christian Chapman, U.S. State department: and lifetime friend (Featured in “Secret Soldiers”) Frederick Fox, former advisor to President Eisenhower.

     During his years as an artist, Alan had many one man shows and had his art showcased at some renowned gallerys. As an Example: The Whitney Museum of American art in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art (which is now the National Museum of Modern Art), the Tel Aviv Museum of art in Tel Aviv, Israel and the Fransworth Museum in Rockland, Maine.

Psychic Nazi Hunter

This is the remarkable and TRUE story of Alan Wood-Thomas, celebrated artist, loving family man, friend to Kerouac and Ginsberg.
for over 25 years, he was the Psychic Nazi Hunter!