Ladder  to the Moon
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Let Your Heart Fly and Be the Author you always Dreamed to Be

Do you have an uplifting story from the heart, that speaks to the heart? We want to see it.

Ladder to the Moon will read two chapters of your book and advise you of it’s print worthy nature, or what you can do to make it so.

We also run classes in:

Finding your feet as a writer
Learn how to create a book
Discover the secret to writing the story people want

You always wanted to write it, but what then? Now you can publish that novel!

Ladder to the Moon can set your files up in a Print of Demand format, get you listed on Amazon, and show you how to bring your story to the world.

Set your heart free, and explore the possibility of being the author you always dreamed you could be. We are looking for well written, uplifting stories, and historical literature that highlights an ancient wisdom.

Cover Creation:

Learn how to create the cover that makes people interested in what you have to say

I like this song. Just so sweet and lovely.